Ever wanted to know the history of your favorite buildings in New York?

Urban Layers, an interactive map, will get you one step closer to unearthing the city's history by giving you the age of any building in Manhattan.

Urban Layers allows you to easily visualize where the oldest buildings and the newest buildings are in Manhattan. The map is color-coded from red to dark blue: Red means between 1765 and 1855, and dark blue means after 1995.

Users can also narrow down buildings to the time period of their choice - you can use sliders to select a range of dates and see which buildings in Manhattan were built during that time.


Unsurprisingly, midtown is overwhelmingly blue, whereas both uptown and downtown Manhattan have a good amount of yellow flecks mixed in (between 1895 and 1915).

Real history buffs will enjoy looking at the oldest buildings in the city, and spotting landmarks like the Morris Jumel Mansion in Washington Heights.

Users can also zoom in on any area of the city to see individual buildings and the time period during which they were built.

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