Will Rex Ryan's love for New York get him back into coaching in the Big Apple?Getty Images

Thanks, but no thanks. I will pass — and the Jets should too — and under no circumstances think about Rex Ryan coaching the Jets ever again. Former Jets head coach Ryan began his flirtation with Woody Johnson and the Jets last week. Ryan, who was relieved of his duties before completion of year two with the Buffalo Bills, is looking for potential coaching work in the not so distant future. His run with the Bills was short lived and his act and personality did not have the same kind of draw as here in New York. It wore thin and when the results don’t come along with the personality, you find yourself out the door sooner rather than later. He also did not have the same initial success as he did with the Jets, where he took the organization to back-to-back AFC Championship Game appearances. So, he did not have that success to lean on as he still has the most playoff victories of any coach in Jets history with four.

During Super Bowl week, Ryan told the NY Daily News, “I'm definitely never going to say never on that one. I love New York. I do. I love the people. I got a ton of friends, lifelong friends, in that organization. I'll never say never. I don't know in what capacity, but I'll leave that open for sure."

Ryan is who he is and is always going to be a big talker and he is going to talk and talk and talk. Oftentimes, his team does not back up his words, but he is certainly entertaining. Ryan has an infectious personality that draws people in. He is a good guy and there is no question you would love to have a beer with Ryan because he is engaging and entertaining.

But, to discuss the potential of his future with the Jets when they already have a head coach is flat out disrespectful. I get that Todd Bowles does not have the same personality as Ryan and his news conferences are not as entertaining. Who cares, as that should not be the reason why you would bring Ryan back in any decision making process, no less as head coach. In six seasons with the Jets he went 50-52. That is not exactly brilliant, is it?


I get that John Idzik did not do him any favors in his two disastrous seasons as the general manager, before both were fired following the 2014 season.

Now, the Rex Ryan apologists are going to say that he never had a quarterback and if you gave him a great QB, he would win. Really, that is a stunning revelation. I would say that if I gave any coach, assistant or otherwise, a great QB, they most likely would find a way to win. The NFL is a quarterback-driven league. They beg you to throw the football and when you have a solution at the quarterback, it makes your life as a head coach a lot easier.

Ryan has regressed as a defensive coordinator. The last time his teams have finished in the top 10 in points allowed was 2010. He totally destroyed the Bills defense, who finished fourth in total yards, fourth in points, thirrd in takeaways, 11th against the rush and third against the pass in 2014, the year before Ryan arrived. This past season, his defense in Buffalo finished 19th in total yards, 16th in points, 23rd in takeaways, 29th against the run and sixth against the pass. Don’t tell me about injuries either because every team deals with injuries during an NFL season. The results are no longer there. The bark of Rex is bigger than the bite. It is time to move on forever.

AsJohnson has been tabbed to be the ambassador for President Trump to the U.K., his focus will no longer be on the Jets. That responsibility will be turned over to his brother, Christopher Johnson. He does not have the same relationship with Ryan as Woody does and for Jets fans that is a good thing.

There is no looking back, it is now about moving forward for the Jets. If only the results matched the personality of Ryan, than he would be golden. They do not. Move on, Rex. We have seen this act already and it does not deserve a sequel.

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