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The rats won’t like this.

The MTA’s Operation Track Sweep to spiffy up New York’s subways commenced Monday and will continue for two weeks.

More than 500 MTA workers are part of the intensive system-wide cleanup to remove trash and debris from the tracks at all of New York City’s 469 stations – or 10 miles of subway station track.

During the day workers will clean tracks at outdoor and elevated stations, and signs will be posted at each station with the cleanup schedule.


MTA's cleaning project includes three new vacuum trains

The heavy-duty cleaning of the underground stations will be done at night when ridership is lower.

MTA Chariman and CEO Thomas Prendergast said that getting rid of trash will reduce the number of track fires which in turn will reduce delays.

“There’s no question that a concerted and sustained effort to limit trash on subway tracks will have a significant impact on the efficiency of subway service,” Prendergast said.

Pilot program removes trash cans at subway stations

Veronique Hakim, president of NYC Transit, said the massive cleanup represents a “new way of thinking” about how to improve the subway experience.

“We’re approaching this as a sustained effort to get the tracks clean, and keep them as clean as possible over the long haul,” she said.

Hakim stresses that it is also the public’s duty to dispose of trash properly to keep subways and tracks clean.

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