The mayor of San Juan was refused a cab ride to the Bronx.

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She should have called an Uber.


Carmen Yulin Cruz, the mayor of San Juan, found out what any uptown Manhattan or outer borough resident of New York City knows all too well: the yellow taxi cabbies follow their own rules.

All she wanted to do was to get from Greenwich Village in Manhattan to her boutique hotel in the South Bronx (yes times are changing, so is the Bronx).

A hotel recommended to her by none other than the city council speaker, Melissa Mark-Viverto.

METRO.PR COVERAGE: Cab ride denied makes news in Puerto Rico.

The Timesreported that the first driver told her he didn't know the way and didn't have a GPS to find it, before kicking her out of the cab, Ms. Cruz told reporters.

The second cab they flagged down picked them up, but grumbled the whole way.

“He took us there, and all the while he was complaining that he was going to the Bronx,” Ms. Cruz told The Times.

Mark-Viverito condemned the driver's behavior and promised an investigation, NBC4 says.

"Taxi drivers must take passengers to any point in the five boroughs," she said.

The hotel the mayor of San Juan was heading to in Melrose in the South Bronx was the stunningly beautifulOpera House Hotel, a true New York City gem.

The author of this piece has recently experienced a similar refusal. He wanted to go from Union Square in Manhattan to Brooklyn’s Fort Greene.

Twice refused, even the second time when told he’d get out on Flatbush Ave. by Juniors.

“Sorry, I’m a new driver. I don’t know.”