As part of its #WarrantWednesday campaign, the New York State Police released a "Wanted"photo of a criminal who has beenbringing “a heightened level of mischief” to stations across the Empire State.


“Trooper Elf,” who resides in the North Pole and is the agency’s newest recruit, is described as being 104 years old with a height of a “couple inches” and weighing a “couple ounces.”


He’s been eating candy and moving officers’ Stetson hats every night, but he’s also spreading cheer while doing it, so maybe they won’t throw the book too hard at him —even if he does eat “A LOT” of sugar, including those pastries so beloved by cops.


We can only imagine the trouble Trooper could cause with his Massachusets State Police cousin, "Statie," who has been caught making snow angels when he should've been clearing off cruisers.