Riding Metro North will soon be as swingin’ as an episode of “Mad Men” when café cars, popularly known as bar cars, are reintroduced.


Connecticut Governor Dannel P. Malloy announce on Tuesday that the New Haven Line, the “busiest commuter rail line in the nation,” will soon feature 60 new M-8 cars, 10 of which will be designated bar cars, his office said.


CTDOT owns the New Haven Line, which takes passengers between New York and Connecticut. An MTA spokeswoman said New York’s agency will be able to give a statement after the RailroadCommittee meeting on Sept. 26.


Bar cars, that used to feature wood paneling and red leather chairs, were taken out of service in 2014 when the old rail line cars, introduced in the 1970s, were replaced by a new fleet.


A prototype M-8 barcar can be expected by 2018, Malloy said.