Tom Brady comes in at No. 1 on our all-time NFL player list.Illustration by Billy Beccera - Metro

As I predicted, I received plenty of hate e-mail and hate Tweets regarding my Top 10 NFL players of all-time list. That’s what makes this exercise fun, of course.

Here's the list ICYMI:

1. Tom Brady, QB

2. Joe Montana, QB


3. Lawrence Taylor, LB

4. Jerry Rice, WR

5. Jim Brown, RB

6. John Elway, QB

7. Peyton Manning, QB

8. Joe Greene, DT

9. Reggie White, DE

10. Barry Sanders, RB

Most of the issues centered around Tom Brady being No. 1, as well as old men who don’t want their precious childhood memories to be diminished.

Here’s some feedback to the feedback:

Your list is so bogus. Montana and Rice are 1-2. Neither player choked in the Super Bowl unlike Brady. Yeah [Montana and Rice] had each other but they also did not have the benefit of playing in a pass-happy league. Plus they also ran the ball with Roger Craig and Tom Rathman. John Taylor on the other side if Rice, Ronnie Lott and Ken Norton Jr among others. Rice was great from his rookie year while Brady was sitting on the bench and won three Super Bowls because of Adam Vinatieri, the true Super Bowl MVP. Additionally, Belichick is successful only because of Brady and playing in a horrible division. He ruined the Cleveland Browns. Finally, when Brady had a legit number one receiver in Randy Moss, what happened? Joe Montana would never lost those games to the Giants the way Brady did; Montana does not get shook up like Brady does when he gets hit.

Shawn M.

Burke: Wait, so Montana and Rice are the two best football players of all-time? And they just so happened to be on the same exact team during the same exact time period? That’s one hell of a coincidence.

Oh and when Brady had Randy Moss, all the Patriots did was win more games in one season than any team in the history of the league. Remember, the 1972 Dolphins played during a time when the NFL had a 14-game regular season. They finished the year 17-0. The 2007 Patriots finished that season 18-1.

I’d say, overall, the Brady-Moss thing worked out just fine.

And rattling off all the great players Montana and Rice played with only strengthens the argument for Brady as the best ever. Brady did more with less.

Just read your top 10 NFL all-time list. Where is Walter Payton? Also, Brady lost two Super Bowls. He can’t be No. 1.


Burke: If it was a Top 20 list, Payton would surely be on there. But he won his lone Super Bowl because that season’s Bears happened to own the greatest defense of all-time. I also don’t value the running back position as much as the QB position and Payton is not the greatest back of all-time. Emmitt Smith overtook Payton as the all-time rushing leader and Barry Sanders would have blown both of their numbers out of the water if he hadn’t gone all Calvin Johnson on the poor Lions.

Joe Montana is the UNDISPUTED greatest NFL player of all time! Montana broke his back and was NEVER supposed to WALK again, won 2 more Super Bowls. Brady got hit in the mouth [against the Giants] and had NO FIGHT in him no more.


Burke:Are you questioning Brady’s toughness? Did you watch the AFC title game? Brady took more abuse in that game than any QB ever has in a 60 minute contest and was able to orchestrate a late fourth quarter touchdown drive. Brady doesn’t get enough credit for his durability. Steve Young got his job with the 49ers because the organization thought Montana was breaking down.

What about Dick Butkus? Johnny Unitas? This is age discrimination.

Tony B.

Burke:Yup, it’s absolutely age discrimination. Dick Butkus is 73-years-old, brotha. If he and J.J. Watt had a bare-knuckles fight there’d be two sounds. Butkus getting decked in the jaw, and Butkus hitting the canvas.

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