Metro and his new familyProvided

Five months after he was found abandoned on a subway train, Metro the American Bulldog mix now has a home to call his own.

Metro was adopted in late May by immigration lawyer Rhonda DeJean and her husband.

DeJean said he’s settling in to their Williamsburg home, has made friends with the building’s doormen and is an all-around playful and fun dog who looks forward to his daily walks.

DeJean said she picks up Metro (the newspaper) every morning on her subway ride to the courthouse and spotted Metro's (the dog’s) loveable mug.


“There was no mystery to it, he was a cutie,” DeJean said, adding that her son has an American Bulldog and she’s a fan of their temperament and character. DeJean has owned dogs in the past, but this is her first adoption.

Metro (the newspaper) first wrote about Metro (the dog) in mid-May, when he was at the Long Beach Animal Shelter.

Linda Vetrano of PoshPetsRescue said the nearly 70-pound dog was found riding the subway in Manhattan by NYPD officers on a cold and icy day in January. As the story goes, he was wagging his tail and left with the officers despite likely being abandoned on the car.

Vetrano took the dog, who had been re-named Metro, from Animal Care & Control of New York as weeks passed and he faced euthanasia. Volunteers were “begging” her to take Metro, Vetrano said.

“No one know where he started from," DeJean said. "I wish he could tell me what his story is."

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