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THE MEND (review)
Metro's tough movie critic weighs in on The Mend: " Ideally it’s best to head into “The Mend” knowing nothing. But if you must know, it’s about a straight-laced, uptight, not-so-quietly enraged lawyer, Alan (Stephen), spending not-so-quality time with his drifter brother, Mat (Josh Lucas)," writes Matt Prigge.See how many Globes Prigge gives out.Ned Ehrbarinterviews Lucas.

The author's plan to adopt an Iraq war babyto better understand young people gets panned on the Interwebs, writes Lisa Weidenfeld.

Prigge also weighs in Kristin Stewart and what a big ol' thespian she is... that's thespian.

You have to see the pictures to see why artist Banksy's Dismaland has us freaking out -- in a good way.


Metro/Insight Guides takes you on a tour of New York's canals: You’ll meander through some of the loveliest, least-developed areas of northern New York at about 7 mph.

Perry gets her revenge against arch-enemy Taylor Swift's "Bad Blood" with a coming single. There aren't many details about Perry's new song out yet, except the title: "Crocodile Tears," says Metro's Emily Laurence.

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