At Grand Central, in Vanderbilt Hall, north of the clock, 70 view for music prograGetty

If you’re in the Grand Central Terminal area Tuesday or just sitting around looking for something to do, Metro has a sure-bet for you -- and it’s free.

Through 3:30 p.m., go check out the MTA’s annual auditions for its Music Under New York program.

Seventy acts -- individuals and groups will duke it out in Grand Central Terminal’s Vanderbilt Hall, located north of the clock in the main terminal.

The acts will play in front of a panel of judges who will make the final decision on who gets to play in more than 30 locations within the transit system.

MTA Arts & Design runs the show, so to speak, and says the program is meant to “enhance the station environment and commuting experience for customers.”


And as any rider knows, anything helps!