Derrick Rose has been accused of raping a woman in 2013.

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Nadine Hernandez, a lead detective on the LAPD investigation into sexual assault allegations against New York Knicks point guard Derrick Rose, died Tuesday afternoon due toa gunshot wound.

Hernandez was found severely injured with the wound at a homein Whittier, California and died less than an hour after Whittier police received a call reporting an attempted suicide.

According to the LA Times, "Law enforcement sources said that the house where Hernandez's body was found belonged to a relative, and it appeared she had died of a single gunshot wound ... Property records show the home was registered to a retired LAPD lieutenant."

Hernandez wrote a letter to the alleged victim's lawyers in the Rose rape case just last month. Click here to view the letter.


Not surprisingly, many were jumping to conclusions on Twitter regarding Rose potentially being involved in the death of Hernandez and many compared him to former NFL player Aaron Hernandez, who is currently in prison for murder.

"This derrick rose s*** looks like it might turn into Aaron Hernandez V2 wtf," wrote @GiraffeNeckMarc.

"Bruh derrick rose wyd? Lookin like Aaron Hernandez," wrote @craigstreeet.

"Idk what's more gangster. Aaron Hernandez killin his enemy himself or Derrick Rose being loved enough to have people do it for him.. hmm..," wrote @TheModernMedici

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