A nanny was caught on camera allegedly burning a young boy trusted to her care with a hot curling iron.

The family said they noticed burns on the fingers and legs of their 2-year-old son. When they asked him how it happened, he said a hot curling iron caused it, WCBS reported.

The parents reviewed their Nanny Cam footage and said they saw the sitter Nosipho Nxumalo, 21, of Harlem, touch the iron against his skin.

The footage shows Nxumalotest the iron to see if it is hot before pressing it against the child's foot. He jumps back in apparent pain.


WARNING: Video shows graphic imagry

The nanny was arrested and charged with assault, child endangerment, and criminal possession of a weapon.

Nxumalo allegedly told police she became frustrated with the child and tried to discipline him, WCVB reported.

“It was a long week and I was tired,” she is quoted as saying. “The child wouldn’t listen, so I wanted to discipline him with the iron, so I burned him with it.”

Media reports say Nxumalo had only worked for the Baldwin family for a few weeks. The familyhired the nanny through Jericho-based Mom’s Helper Inc.

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