The latest designs and details for the new Union Square Tech Hub are available, Mayor Bill de announced today. The hub is a $250 million city-backed project that will provide space for tech worker training, education and start-ups.

The hub will generate “600 good-paying jobs,” according to the mayor’s office, a portion of the 100,000 jobs within the next decade de Blasio promised in his 2017 State of the City address. The mayor said his plan is to generate 40,000 jobs in the next four years.

“This new hub will be the front-door for tech in New York City. People searching for jobs, training or the resources to start a company will have a place to come to connect and get support,” de Blasio said. “No other city in the nation has anything like it. It represents this City’s commitment to a strong and inclusive tech ecosystem.”

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The Union Square Tech hub, located on city-owned land, is expected to provide 58,000 square feet of fluid space that should attract growing companies, adding in the benefit of shorter lease terms ranging from 6 months to 5 years.

The Union Square innovation hub will feature a 36,500 square foot tech training center, classrooms and breakout spaces that allow on-site partners to train students.

“The new innovation hub at Union Square will be a welcome addition to our growing tech industry, serving as a geographical hub and a real resource for the talent needs our companies face,” said Julie Samuels, executive drector of tech:NYC. “This project shows a real commitment by the City of New York to further develop the tech community in NYC in substantive and lasting way.”

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