Nikki Kurzynowski demonstrates the TravAlarm app. Miles Dixon, Metro

One of the runners-up in the MTA app competition wants to not only alert you of transit delays, but help get you to work on time.

And, if that doesn’t work, you’ll get a little treat to make the delay worth your while.

The TravAlarm app, which won best runner up for Best Consumer/Transit Rider App and Best Crowdsourcing App in the MTA app contest, allows users to set their alarms to adjust for transit delays.

“What happens if you have a delay? You’re late for work. Our app is going to alert you of a delay and wake you up a little bit earlier,” said Nikki Kurzynowski, TravAlarm’s social media director.


The app, available for Android devices and in beta on iOS, also gives riders a free offer when they are running late -- such as a voucher for a free coffee, good for that day only.

“It’s horrible, being delayed. We want to try to make people happy,” Kurzynowski said.

Kurzynowski said the app works not only as an alarm, but a “travel companion” for Manhattan and the tri-state area, and alerts users of travel disruptions during the delay on planned routes.

The app is set to expand throughout the five boroughs in the near future.

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