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Newark police arrested a woman who they say arranged for a man to be shot for having used her snow shovel.

Saqirah Davis, 36, was charged with aggravated assault, weapons-related offenses and conspiracy, NBCreported, adding that officers are looking for other potential suspects related to a Sunday altercation.

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A man told police that he found a snow shovel on the sidewalk on Sunday, reported in a related article, saying that he was using it to clear a neighbor’s walkway.


The man returned the snow shovel to Davis, who accused him of having stolen it, NBC added.

Later, he was walking in the neighborhood when Davis approached him with several other men, one of whom shot the alleged victim in the buttocks after Davis instructed him to do so, stated.

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Davis is the only person charged in the incident, and it is not known if she has a lawyer, according to NBC.

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