A New Jersey woman pleaded guilty to manslaughter charges after one of her patients died from a penis enlargement procedure gone awry in 2011.

Kasia Rivera reportedly injected 22-year-old Justin Street'spenis with silicone from the comfort of her home in East Orange. The silicone however went directly into Street’s bloodstream and lead to his death the next day due to organ failure.

“You injected the silicone into his penis?" Essex County Assistant Prosecutor William Neafsey asked Rivera during a hearing.

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Rivera said she did.

Rivera is not a trained doctor or medical professional, and was in no way trained or licensed to inject silicone.

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This is not the first time Rivera has been caught for performing illegal silicone injections. She was also charged with injecting silicone into the buttocks and breasts of women four times.

NJ.Com reports that in exchange for her guilty plea Rivera will only receive five years in state prison before possibly being deported back to Jamaica. She will also be eligible for parole after a little more than four years, and her guilty plea will wipe her previous charges for silicone injection.

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