How much do you really know about Paul, Donnie and Mark?


Here's a mouthful: At Wahlburgers Coney Island, you can bro out with your bros while eating wahlburgers and competing over your knowledge of the Wahlberg brothers.


The Brooklyn location of the family franchise is teaming up with NYC Trivia League to present Wahlburgers Trivia, with a special category dedicated to the Wahlberg brothers. It debuts this Wednesday night and runs for six weeks through Nov. 30 with Wahlburgers gift cards as prizes.


We anticipate Dirk Diggler dick jokes, New Kids on the Block fun facts, guess who-was-based-on-who in "Entourage" and the like.


We doubt they'll ask questions like, which Wahlberg brother blinded an Asian man with a bat in 1988 as a hate crime?Or how about this one: Which location of the Wahlburgers franchisewas sued for wage theftin August?


But you should probably brush up, just in case.

You could always binge the six seasons of A&E reality show “Wahlburgers” to familiarize yourself withthe family and their business.

If you go:

Oct. 19 and 26, Nov. 2, 9, 16, 30
Wahlburgers Coney Island
3015 Stillwell Ave.,Brooklyn