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NYC cabbies speeding up heart rates for charity

The fourth annual NYC Taxi Drivers Calendar has arrived.

Thousands of New Yorkers slide in and out of cabs every day, but how many really take a look at who's squiring them about town?

Well, a new calendar for charity is about to give them an eyeful — and make them see yellow cab drivers in a whole new light.

For the fourth year in a row, the NYC Taxi Drivers Calendar created by Philip and Shannon Kirkman showcases 12 city drivers in sexy and suggestive poses, with a healthy dose of intended humor. The pin-ups are all male, as are 99 percent of the yellow cab drivers on the road, according to the latest city statistics.

A portion of the proceeds for the 2017 calendar benefit the nonprofit University Settlement, which provides educational and social services to immigrants and low-income families.


The calendar has raised nearly $55,000 since it began.You can buy it at www.nyctaxicalendar.com.

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