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Dog walker sues Soho hotelier for allegedly trying to torch two Jack Russells

The dogs suffered minor burns during the Oct. 7 attack.
Joe Gratz/Flickr

A city dog walker is suing the founder of the Dream Hotel Group for unspecified damages for trauma she suffered after he tried to set two dogs on fire last month, according to media reports.

Isabell Suquilanda, 29, of Queens, was walking two Jack Russells along Wooster Street on Oct. 7 when hotelier Vikram Chatwal came out of his home and reportedly used a lighter and aerosol can to shoot flames toward the dogs.

The dogs, which belong to gallery owner Sean Kelly, suffered minor burns. Kelly lives across the street from Chatwal, 44.

Witnesses said that Chatwal yelled, “They must die!” during the attack, which was “like a fire-breathing dragon,” one told Page Six on Oct. 9.


Following the attack, Chatwal was arrested and charged with torturing and injuring animals, reckless endangerment and criminal mischief.

Chatwal’s lawyer, Mark Jay Heller, told the New York Daily News that Suquilanda’s suit is “unmeritorious, frivolous and unsupported by the law.”

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