Police Officer Marino (l), Police Officer Charubin (r), and the .38 Derringer.


The New York City subway system is safer Wednesday after two city police officers nabbed a pistol-packing turnstile jumper.

Transit District One Field Training Officer Andrew Marino, an eight-year-veteran was patrolling with 8-month rookie cop Kristopher Charubin when, at a Times Square N, Q, and R station, the suspect made his move.

Moments after 23 year-old Dashawn Hines entered the subway system without paying Monday night, just before 7 p.m., he was stopped by the two officers, the NYPD says.

“The officers then conducted a name check over their police radio and learned that (Hines) was a transit recidivist, meaning he has been arrested in the NYC transit system before and is not eligible for a summons,” a police news release said.

Found in his underwear was a .38 Derringer, loaded with two bullets.


Hines was charged with criminal possession of a weapon, theft of service and criminal trespass. He has one prior arrest for grand larceny.

Marino tells the cops he trains that when they stop someone for fare evasion or other infractions, they don’t know what a person is thinking or if they might have a weapon hidden on them -- and must be prepared for anything.

He says it’s fortunate that nothing worse went down.

“He could have just taken the gun right out and started shooting. You never know,” said Marino.

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