The site of the park

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New York City is offering $100 million to buy land at the site of a former Brooklyn storage facility in an effort to complete the Bushwick Inlet Park project.

The CitiStorage warehouse in Williamsburg, located between North 10th and 12th streets, was the site of a six-alarm fire in 2015.

The parcel would be the last piece of land needed for the city to complete the long-envisioned park, offeringsome green space for residentsalong the banks of the East River on the border of Williamsburg and Greenpoint.

Mayor Bill de Blasio posted a letter from his office to the owners of the property on Twitter:


“As part of our longstanding efforts and continued commitment to making Bushwick Inlet Park a reality, I am pleased to offer you $100,000,000 for the purchase of the blocks and lots listed above,” the letter from the mayor’s office reads. “The City believes this is a fair and reasonable offer based on the properties’ current...zoning.”

Planning initiatives for the park date back to the 1980s and would reflect years of work and the combination of other properties acquired by the city, including two others under de Blasio’s mayorship.

The offer stands for 60 days, according to the letter.

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