The Purple? Wintry, icy, dangerous mix. Magenta: Hard-core snow. Pink: Gentler, moNational Weather Service.

If you thought that lack of traction this morning was bad, you ain't seen nothing yet.

Oh wait, you have. But it could be worse New York. You could be Boston, which has already been hit by a foot of snow this morning in some areas.

The freezing rain from the overnight will change to on-an-off snow 2 p.m. and continue into the night, forecasters say.

The winter weather advisory will hang over the metro area through 6 a.m. Tuesday.


Schools: Most open.
Parking: Alternate-side parking rules have been suspendedfor Monday to help facilitate snow removal.
MTA: Watch for services changes at

The good news was that at least most of the MTA's trains were running.

Be careful. Getting home is bound to be worse than getting out -- especially in the northern suburbs, where up to a fresh foot is possible.

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