The photo has been taken down from social

If you are going to commit a crime at a sports stadium, memorializing it on social media likely isn’t the way to go.

Despite his New York City F.C. team losing 4-1 to the New York Red Bulls in the Hudson Derby, one NYCFC fan took to social media to proudly display a photo of a blue seat that he and a female friend “were bringing home.” The seat came from the upper level of Red Bull Arena where NYCFC’s supporters had a segregated section.

The photo shows the two mugging as they display the seat, which presumably is on its way to his home.

The Instagram account where the photo appeared is listed to Andy Bajaña Zuluaga who lists himself as a fan of NYCFC as well as a member of the American Outlaws, a supporters club of the United States national team. The photo has since been taken down.


Certainly not a smooth act.

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