A ticket stub from the 'Red Wedding' signed by Frank Lampard.

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Frank Lampard has been taunted before but likely never in this clever of a fashion.

The former England international who has played for Chelsea and Manchester City while now calling New York City F.C. his (retirement) home was at an event at Bar 43 where he did a meet and greet with fans. One of those fans was Antony Lin, a New York Red Bulls supporter. Lin was on hand earlier this year along with several thousand supporters for a 7-0 Red Bulls win over City at Yankee Stadium on May 21.

The game is now known as the ‘Red Wedding,’ given the on the field massacre. Lin last week got Lampard to sign his ticket stub from the game at the Bar 43 event, perfectly trolling the superstar midfielder.

Apparently Lampard didn’t even flinch.


“Attending meet and greets has become a recent hobby of mine, regardless of team affiliation," Lin told Metro. "For this one, my friend Chris Cloud mentioned that I should get the 7-0 ticket stub signed by Lampard. I thought about it and realized, it would be quite a one-of-a-kind souvenir to have instead of something standard. I was certain that he would not sign it so I had another item ready. Once I saw how chaotic things were at Bar 43, I realized I had chance to get that ticket stub signed.Without a flat service to sign, I told Lampard, ‘Let me flatten the ticket so you can sign it easier.’ This was my plan to cover up the date of the game. He signed it and thanked me for coming out.”

Lin, who also travels extensively to support both the men’s and women’s national teams, is affectionately known as “Pinto” and frequently wears a colonial tri-cornered hat to international games. He has been a long-tenured member of the Empire Supporters Club, which has supported the franchise since 1996.

He is often see at Red Bull Arena drinking grape soda.

The autographed ticket will be framed and become part of this collection.

After this legendary troll by Lin, the scoreline from that May 21 game is now officially 8-0.

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