As the city dug its way out of nearly 27 inches of snow, one Upper East Side man spread the love by sharing the shoveling.

Joe Sinagoga, 54,was out in the streets with his $15shovel, helping people along his way all afternoon. Each time the city gets blanketed, he sets off on a mission to get people moving along on the roads.

“For this car, I’ve been here about an hour now,” Sinagoga said.

“He’s an angel, this guy,” Marc Hazan, 53, said, shovel in hand as the two dug out his SUV. “We just met.”

In a long row of cars mostly still covered in snow along East 79th street, both joked it was good exercise shoveling all the snow.

Earlier in the afternoon, Sinagoga set out to shovel out the John Jay playground where he brings people for physical training,but it was still locked up.

“On the way back, I shoveled two people out down there, I shoveled another guy out here and I found this gentleman right here,” Sinagoga said. “I’m gonna finish this one up and I’m going to walk down to 75th … gonna get some coffee on the way back and maybe shovel out a few more people.”

Sandy Montalbano, 43, and Robert Charleston, 53, returned to the small passenger car they dug out earlier to do some finishing touches so Charleston can leave for his morning commute to Yonkers hassle-free.

“I was gonna put it in the parking lot when they said 6 to 12 inches and then they surprised us,” Charleston said. “At one point, after a bottle of wine, you don’t care.”

He was out earlier around 11 in the morning and said he paid someone $50 to help him dig out his car. Otherwise, he laughed, “it’ll kill you.”

“I should be good for tomorrow,” Charleston said.

A long-time city resident, Montalbano said she hasseen “Armageddon” as buses and cars have gottentwisted up in the snow, and was happy that the streets were closed Saturday.

Before the couple left, Charleston got in for a test drive out of the parking spot for a moment in preparation for the morning commute. Sinagoga — still with a shovel in hand — came over to make sure they didn’t need anymore help.​

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