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A Brooklyn man claimed that NYPD officers kicked him so hard that he had to have a testicle removed.


Corey Green, 32, was playing cards with friends in a Bedf-Stuy apartment on Saturday when cops entered looking for a robbery suspect, his father said to the New York Post, which added that Green reportedly walked away from police when he was asked to provide his identification.


Police then allegedly threw Green to the ground “and were kicking his genitals,” Green’s father said in the Post article. “They stomped his testicles into his stomach.”


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A police spokesman, though, contradicted Green’s account, saying in a related New York Daily News report that Green ran into scaffolding after fleeing from police.


Green underwent surgery on Sunday to restore the blood flow to genitals, his lawyer Sanford Rubenstein said in the Daily News.

During that surgery, Green had one of his testicles removed, the Post added.

“This is certainly an outrageous example of wrongdoing, and we are calling on the Brooklyn district attorney’s office to present evidence to a grand jury,” Rubenstein was quoted by the Daily News.

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Green was interviewed by NYPD Internal Affairs, Rubenstein said to the Daily News, which added that police said Green has 15 prior arrests.