NYPD scuba divers rescued a man inside of a sinking kayak about a mile off of Coney Island Beach Saturday morning, police said.


The call came into the department just before 10 a.m. Saturday, authorities said. The NYPD Aviation Unit responded and found the victim, 33 years old, along with his beige kayak.


Two officers parachuted down and assisted the victim onto Harbor Adam, a NYPD boat.


The man was conscious and alert, refusing medical attention, police said. The kayak was also retrieved by rescuers.


“He had a look of a little panic and he was absolutely exhausted,” Officer Dylan Johnson, who helped save the man, told the New York Post. “His boat was compromised with water. He said he hooked a pretty nice-size fish and it pulled him quite a bit.”


We’ll save the obvious “man bites dog” joke for another story.