A New York City police officer shot and killed another man on July Fourth.

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After new video has surfaced showing an off-duty NYPD officer gunning down another man, experts say the officer will likely be fired.

The video, obtained exclusively by the New York Post, shows Officer Wayne Isaacs waiting one second before firing two shots through his car window at Delrawn Small. Early reports indicated that Small, 37, had approached the officer's vehicle and punched him several times in the head through his open window.

Isaacs, also 37, was driving on Atlantic Avenue in Cypress Hills around midnight on July Fourth, when he had allegedly cut off Small. Small then followed the officer for about seven blocks until the two were stopped at a red light, when Small exited his vehicle.

"Deadly physical force is supposed to be used as a last resort,"former NYPD sergeant and adjunct professor at John Jay College of Criminal Justice Joseph Giacalone told the New York Post."[Isaacs] could have rolled up his window. He could have backed up his car... It doesn’t appear as if he was being physically assaulted, as he was claiming. So I think this video is going to be a problem for this officer."


"What I’m seeing is the police officer engaging in intentional unjustifiable killing of a human being, which is known as murder," defense attorney Ron Kuby told the Post.

Isaacs has sincebeen placed on administrative duty.

Attorney General Eric Schneiderman is investigating the shooting. His office issued a statement Friday, vowing to "follow the facts and evidence — including this video evidence — wherever they lead."

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