Every editor/writer's nightmare is writing something that contains a factual error. Typos suck, too.


Most people get a pass for tweeting out grammatically incorrect content from time to time, because Twitter is still in something of a Wild West phase. Plus, it's damn hard to mind your P's and Q's when you only have 140 characters to do so.


But when you're ESPN, you've got to think that there are two-to-three people monitoring their @SportsCenter feed at a given time. In other words, few mistakes should happen at that level. Tweeting out the photo above, clearly of the Red Sox celebrating their 2004 Game 7 ALCS win at Yankee Stadium and not their 2004 Game 4 World Series victory in St. Louis, is an all-time miscue from the Worldwide Leader. I mean, what transpired 10 years ago is arguably the most iconic moment in North American sports history.