A crash inside the Lincoln Tunnel Wednesday morning injured 31 people and trapped some motorists under the Hudson River for two hours.


An NJ Transit Bus rear-ended a private tour bus packed with Canadian teens who had just graduated high school and were heading to New York City to celebrate.


Complicating things were two pregnant women on a third bus not involved in the accident and one of them started having labor contractions, officials said.


The woman in labor was taken to a nearby hospital and was doing alright; the other refused medical aid, officials said. Most of the injuries of the other 30 people taken to hospitals were "bumps and bruises," officials said at an afternoon news conference.


The evening commute will not be affected, they said.


One man stuck in the tube, John Bennett (@slothead on Twitter), New Yorker editor and Columbia Journalism School professor, gave an amazing play-by-play.

"Anyone still alive up there? Traffic hasn't moved in Lincoln Tunnel for 30 mins. Did I miss the apocalypse?" he tweeted at one point.

He later apologized on Twitter for his flippant tweet after learning about the accident.

"Light at last! After 2 hours. Remarkable how our anger lifted when we learned of the terrible accident. We're lucky," he tweeted when he saw the sun again.

Many of the buses that come through the tunnel wind up at the Port Authority Terminal on 42nd Street.