Pandas are an endangered species, but lambs who look just like pandas are even rarer.

Earl was born on Saturday at the Staten Island Zoo, and zookeepers were surprised to see that he looked just like China's famous black and white, bamboo-chomping bears.

Earl has black circles around his eyes, just like a panda, and he has adorable black markings on his ears, as well. He is the last of three lambs that were born at the zoo from April 16 to April 25.

The lambs share a father, Alex, and his mom's name is Vale.Earl's half-sisters are named Dawn and Madison, so Earl will always have two playmates by his side.


Brian Morris, spokesperson for the zoo, told Metro, “He likes to explore. He doesn’t stray too far from his mom."

Morris said Earl definitely takes after his dad. "I can see where he gets his markings from," said Morris. "Once you see the father, you'll know why Earl looks the way he does."

The lambs are all on display now; both lamb lovers and panda fans alike can visit Earl.

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