An NYC graffiti artist recently created an ISIS-bashing, “Star Wars”-themed mural in an abandoned Manhattan subway station.

The artist, known as VEW, spelled out “F**K ISIS” in a font similar to the “Star Wars” logo alongside a Jawa character with a glowing lightsaber, Ratter reported.

The piece is located at the same out-of-service platform at the Bowery station that was used by the NYPD for highly publicized “terror drills” earlier in the month.

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“It’s a propaganda war, and our side needs to step up its game,” VEW told Ratter, adding that he wanted to send “a big visual middle finger” to the terror group, which has a noted ability for spreading its own message.

VEW, whose murals have put him at the top of the NYPD’s vandal squad list, said in a related Animal New York report that his art comes with a message of subverting the powers that be.

“Graffiti is and always will be part of any revolution. … The police state is here,” he was quoted by Animal.

The MTA has now taken a two-decade-long stance against graffiti, a separate Animal article reported, quoting MTA spokesperson Adam Lisberg: “I don’t care how clever or how beautiful or artistic it is. People expect the subway trains to be clean and free of graffiti.”

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“What [graffiti artists] do comes with consequences, so you just got to be on point for as long as you do this, and if you do get caught, you can’t get mad,” VEW was quoted by Animal.

VEW hopes this mural can motivate other artists to create anti-ISIS propaganda, Ratter reported. “Their ideology is ass-backwards and dangerous to the world,” VEW was quoted by Ratter. “It’s counterproductive to the human race.”

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