'Cheaters look up' banner was controversial for many football fans on the east coast.Getty Images

The 'Cheaters Look Up' banner that made national headlines now has a very interesting twist with the pilot who flew the plane over New England Patriots practice getting threatened after he landed his plane just miles away from the team's facility.

Last week, Metro New York broke the news of the banner flight over Patriots practice, a bold move where fan website NYJetsFans.com flew a plane over the Super Bowl winners practice. The message of 'Cheaters Look Up' created a national stir in light of the 'DeflateGate' scandal currently circling around the team and star quarterback Tom Brady.

And it was a plane that took off from central New Jersey that circled over the Patriots field for 30 minutes, creating a stir that was picked up by nearly every major media outlet.

Last Thursday prior to the Patriots first day of training camp, the plane operated by Jersey Shore Aerial took off from an airport in New Jersey and then stopped at Mansfield Airport, southeast of the Patriots facility in Foxboro, MA. The pilot then took off with the banner and circled practice for 30 minutes, much to the consternation of New England fans.


When he returned to the Mansfield Airport roughly an hour after his departure, he was confronted on the runway.

“When I got back to the airport I was informed by one the employees that I had pissed off a lot of people and that I should leave immediately and don't come back,” said Ashley Chalmer, owner of Jersey Shore Aerial (flyskyads.com should you want to fly a banner of your own some day) who flew the ad over Patriots practice. “I actually thought he was joking at first but apparently not.

“We were next to the runway where I had dropped the banner and was finishing wrapping up. He basically said I should have informed them that it was a disparaging message. My response was 'What's‎ the big deal?' We left it with a mutual uneasy laugh and his last comment while driving away was 'Don't come back.' I climbed in my plane and flew off.”

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