We asked, you tweeted.

Earlier this month, Metro New York, along with the Office of the Mayor and New York City Department of Cultural Affairs challenged New Yorkers to submit their best poems, 140 characters or less, to #PoetweetNYC.

Mayor Bill de Blasio was one of more than 500 Twitter-laureates to join in the contest.

The top five poems are printed below in honor of Poem in Your Pocket Day, a national event that started in New York City in 2002 and encourages everyone to carry and original or borrowed poem with them to read to family, friends and fellow poets they encounter.


#PoetweetNYC 2015 winners:

And, a poem fromFirst Lady ChirlaneMcCrayin honor of Poem in Your Pocket Day:

Spring Wisdom

Remember when we could eat the snow,

drink the rain and food was food.

Fresh air was not an oxymoron, and children fed animals in the zoo

with bread crumbs and carrot sticks.

We worked hard to get ahead; we saved up

and generally, got some place better,

had hope anyway -- in the path, in the possibilities.

Was there not enough for everyone?

When did we start working against ourselves,

dissolving our planet for profit and

feeding our children to the colossal new animal

running unregulated among us in corporate reverie?

It crunches on our souls as it poops out guns and pills,

that protect and kill, heal and addict,

fills false hungers with recreational sugar

and products generating confusion while

masking its devotion to the dollar dance.

When did we forget to respect that which nourishes us?

Nature is not always kind,

but if there is hope for us, it is a movement

that comes like spring rumbles up from the chilled earth,

and pushes past rock and wind and storm.

It is people unfurling, voices sharp in demand

for what is right, for what really matters,

people who remember the earth and have heart

and think and rise in blooms like truth

and together, put that animal to rest.

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