The New York Public Library is using thePokémon GO craze to get kids to the library this summer.

In order to "catch 'em all," PokeSpots will be set up at different NYPL locations this summer. The next activation will be on Saturday 5 p.m.-5:30 the Bronx Library Center,310 E.Kingsbridge Road. You can score a freesummer gift, too, according to the center's website.

"What’s really amazing about this game, beyond the childhood dream aspect, is that it encourages both exercise and an awareness of the tiny, missable, beautiful details in the world around you,"Lauren Weiss, a NYPLsocial media marketingassociate, wrote."In my neighborhood, Jackson Heights, PokeStops included a statue of a lion I’ve never seen in the five years I’ve lived there, a pretty detail on a building facade, a mural of a Hindu goddess, a local ice cream shop, and a historical map. Some include a bit of historical information, some are just the name of the landmark.

"So I was very excited to get to work the next day and see what would be featured at NYPL’s Stephen A. Schwarzman Building. Sure enough, there were quite a few PokeStops around, including statues at our main branch, the Picture Collection at Mid-Manhattan Library (on the 3rd floor), our Gutenburg Bible, and a few other neat locations."


You can tag @nypl on Twitter and Instagram when you visit a NYPL PokeSpot, Weiss added.

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