Detectives said they found substantial evidence tying Thomas "Tommy" GilbertJr. to thFacebook

Cops arrested the 30-year-old son of the hedge fund manager who was found shot dead in his Midtown East apartment on Sunday.

Detectives said they found substantial evidence tying Thomas "Tommy" Gilbert Jr. to the murder. He was taken into custody late Sunday night after cops said he barricaded himself in his Chelsea apartment.

Chief of Detectives Robert Boyce said that Gilbert arrived at his parents' home at Beekman Place and E. 50th Street at around 3:00 p.m.

Gilbert asked his mother to get him some food as a way to talk to his father Thomas Gilbert Sr., 70, alone, Boyce told reporters.


Boyce said Gilbert's mother stepped out but came back 15 minutes later because she had "a bad feeling."

That's when she found her husband with a gunshot to his head and a .40 caliber gun on his chest in his left hand.

Boyce said investigators determined the scene was staged and headed to Gilbert Jr.'s apartment on West 18th Street. It wasn't a light flickered at around 9 p.m. that police confirmed Gilbert Jr. was home, prompting officers to storm the apartment.

Authorities found two magazines of .40 caliber clips, loose rounds and a box for the Glock handgun.

Boyce was unable to say what led up to the murder, but it was widely reported on Monday that the elder Gilbert had threatened to cut his son off financially.

Gilbert was charged with

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