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A protest against New York University’s expansion plans will take place today at Washington Square Park from 4 to 6 p.m.

NYU’s Student Labor Action Movement, NYU Faculty Against the Sexton Plan, NYU’s Graduate Student Organizing Committee and others will demand that NYU stops it’s demolition project of buildings and park space in Greenwich Village.

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The rally will begin at Garibaldi Statue with speakers and a performance by “STOMP!” Protesters will then march down to Coles Sports Center, a gym that NYU plans to demolish and replace with the new “Zipper Building.”


Speakers will also talk about the student tuition and how at $70,000 a year per student, NYU is one of the most expensive universities in the nation.

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A major concern is how NYU has turned from an institution of higher learning into a for-profit driven corporation, according to organizers.

The expansion project called NYU 2031 includes a 1.9 million square-foot plan in two blocks of the village, with a projected cost of $6 billion.

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