Adorable! Congratulations to Jason and Kelli Fenley of Brightwaters, Long Island. Today, the proud parents introduced...

Posted by FOX 5 / on Thursday, September 17, 2015

Here’s some good news to help you finish off the week! Identical triplets Owen Michael, Noah Charles and Miles John were born on Thursday to proud mom and dad, Jason and Kelli Fenley.

Having identical triplets is incredibly rare and according to Fox 5 NY only has a one in 50 million chance of happening.

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The parents have a strict schedule for taking care of the boys that Winthrop-University Hospital helped develop: “The routine will include bathing them every other night and feeding them every three hour,” Fox 5 NY reported. “They'll also be put down for naps immediately after they eat.”

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Congrats to the Fenley familiy!

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