The New York Taxi Workers Alliance's Bhairavi Desai, who reps the city's yellow caYouTube

Uber is offering free rides to a City Hall rally Tuesday to protest a growing push to limit how many of its cars are on city streets.


In an email to its drivers and customers, Uber wrote: “We need your help. Mayor de Blasio is supporting a bill that would stop thousands of new drivers from joining the Uber platform. This bill would destroy 10,000 job opportunities for New Yorkers in just one year, and result in longer wait times, higher prices and less reliable service for riders.”


The rally is set for noon, two hours after the start of hearingon the bill, which calls for an environmental impact study of Ubers and other FHVs (For Hire Vehicles).


The measure is being supported by the New York Taxi Workers Alliance, the main group representing regulated yellow cab drivers.


“For months, we have seen drivers in all sectors lose income because of the saturation ofvehicles,” the alliance’s executive director, Bhairavi Desai, said in a statement. “With 25,000 FHVs affiliated with Apps and 13,600 yellow medallion taxis, you nowhave essentially close to 40,000 taxis and black cars all competing in Manhattan during the same limited prime hours. No one can move around.”

A similar battle erupted in San Francisco, and environmental studies found that the City by the Bay, once not in the top 25 of polluted cities, is now in the top 10. Desai blames Uber’s flooding of the streets there.

A New York environmental study would help prove, or disprove, that Uber's entry into the NYC market is doing the same thing.

Yellow, Green, Uber Drivers Unite! Support the New York City Council proposal to require an environmental impact study...

Posted by NY Taxi Workers Alliance on Thursday, June 25, 2015