The most common problems New York renters face and how to fix them

Did you know that NYC has designated a “heat season” that runs from Oct.1 to May 31?

Know your rights as a renter

Mighty June / Flickr Creative Commons

No, you don’t have to suffer in a sub-zero apartment this winter, nor do you need to dine with mice androaches in your kitchen during the summer. If you’re one of the many constantly finding themselvesup in arms over anegligent landlord, rest assured there’s more that you can do beyond grumbling to your friends. Indeed, inNYC, tenants have a lot of power, and the city has established a number ofregulations to protect you, your family, and especially young children living inrental properties. Ahead is 6sqft’s listof the most common problems New York renters face—and some advice on how to get thoseissuesfixed immediately.


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