Marty Mornhinweg is likely to be canned by the Jets at the end of the season.Getty Images

Rumors of a relationship demise between head coach Rex Ryan and offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg are greatly exaggerated, so one source tells Metro New York.

Reports last week described the relationship between Ryan and Mornhinweg as toxic, saying that after the two meet they “then they go snipping behind each others' backs."

But that isn't the relationship painted by one member of the coaching staff, who spoke to Metro on Sunday morning before the team departed from their hotel for a game against the Vikings.

“Is it perfect? Naww it isn't. But show me one coach or coordinator that isn't sick of each other by this point in the season,” the coach told Metro.


“You have two wins and what feels like mounting losses each week. You're going to get a little, I don't know, testy with each other. But I never sensed that Rex or Marty had any type of hostility or dislike.

“If they do, then they hide it pretty good. I'm with both of them enough and you don't hear that. It's tough the way this season has gone.”

The original report appeared on Thursday by SB Nation's Thomas George, a respected and established writer who has a strong reputation covering the league.

But in terms of any “sniping” between the two as the report indicated, the source said that it isn't something he has seen or heard talked about.

“I'm around both of them enough, oh definitely don't see that. Sniping, backstabbing. I read that story and it isn't what I'm seeing, not at all,” the coach said.

“I've been around this building a long enough time. I know Rex well and I know Marty too. To me, there is a mutual respect between them both. I don't know how you can say that the game plan from Marty was to stick it to Rex when it worked so well. And Rex has always loved the running game here. So you're going to 'Ground & Pound' which Rex loves to prove a point? Maybe I just don't understand it. We almost won that game so I don't know why that would be something to prove a point. I don't get it, I also just don't see it.”

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