A Queens County grand jury indicted a New York City corrections officer on Monday for bribery and supplying contraband within Rikers Island Prison.

“The defendant is accused of taking sums of money from an inmate in return for knowingly sneaking in illegal items to a prison facility,” Queens District Attorney Richard A. Brown said. “The defendant’s alleged actions to circumvent the rules not only soiled the badge she wore and brought dishonor to her profession but she made her fellow corrections officers’ jobs that much tougher.”

The defendant is Mey Lim, 34, who is awaiting arraignment on a 33-count indictment that includes allegations that Lim smuggled in cigarettes and oxycodone during the undercover operation. Lim faces up to 15 years in prison.

“This Correction Officer is charged with ignoring her responsibility to the City and her fellow officers, taking money to traffic contraband to the very inmates she was charged with overseeing,” New York City Department of Investigation (DOI) Commissioner Mark G. Peters said. “This arrest is the latest example of DOI’s efforts to undercut the illegal and dangerous contraband markets on Rikers Island.”

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