Darrell Revis gives New York a little cap breathing room.Getty Images

Darrelle Revis is no longer a New York Jet, the franchise releasing one of the greatest cornerbacks (and Jets players) of all-time. Yet with his release, the Jets are now in a better position with their salary cap to better last year’s 5-11 team.

Two offseasons ago, Revis signed a five-year contract worth just a bit more than $70 million. Of that salary, $39 million is guaranteed including $6 million due in 2017 which will count as dead money for this season. But the Jets will benefit from the cap space now and down the road, including not having to pay a roster bonus of $2 million that was due this season.

A difficult decision given Revis’ stature as a premier cornerback throughout his career, it frees up $9 million total when the dead money is taken into account. This means that the Jets have roughly $25 million in projected cap space according to one noted capologist.

“The Jets can gain offset credits against the $6 million they owe Revis if Revis plays somewhere else this year sothat could give the Jets some added cap room for 2018,” said Jason Fitzgerald, founder of OverTheCap.com. “While there was some thought that the Jets could go after his guarantee based on his


arrest I think they made the best call to just move on from Revis in a manner that didn’t create a rift between the two sides for the future when Revis is asked to come back for a place in the Ring of Honor and any other promotional activities.”

The release of Revis comes days after the Jets parted ways with Nick Mangold, ending the center’s 11-year NFL career, all of which was spent with the franchise. Mangold and Revis were instrumental parts of the Jets teams that made appearances in the AFC Championship Game in 2009 and then a year later. ​

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