Hopefully Daenerys puts in an appearance, too.HBO

The ides of March haven't been so ominous since Julius Caesar was sent to the great toga party in the sky.

HBO is planning to take over Union Square Park for a"Game of Thrones" promotional event, which was seemingly spoiled by a Community Board notice, of all things.DNAinfo spotted a parks committee calendar item that allegedly hinted at "dragons landing in the park." Representatives for HBOhaveconfirmed the event, but not the presence of dragons or any further details.

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The network did bring out a gigantic dragon for the show's Season 4red carpet premiere at Lincoln Center, so maybe by now they've fused it with the technology of Katy Perry's Super Bowl tiger and New York will be left wishing for mere Avengers-level destruction.


The event takes place on March 15 —that's a Tuesday, "Game of Thrones" fans, so plan your PTO accordingly.The sixth season of the series premieres April 24: