New York's senior senator is at it again, asking for the federal Food and Drug Administration to look into a new food product he worries may pose a health threat to Americans.

Schemer wants the FDA to study STEEM peanut butter, a new variation of the sandwich spread that is amped up with a caffeine boost that is mostly targeted to fitness and health audiences.

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"Too much caffeine can cause a person to be jittery — everyone’s experienced that," Schumer told reporters on Sunday. "But it can raise their blood pressure, cause heart palpitations and worse."


Created by a trio of friends in western Massachusetts, the peanut butter is only available in select store in the Massachusetts market and online.

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Its inventors said they've complied wirh "any and every obligation we were required to before putting our product out on shelves" and that customers have actually sought STEEM out as a way to reduce their intake of caffeinated drinks.

"We are only marketed towards adults, and our label reflects suggested serving size, caffeine content, and our recommendations for safe use," they wrote in a statement. "If there are other obligations that we have to make STEEM more safe, we will gladly comply."

Schumer previously called on the FDA to investigate green laser pointers after a series of incidents between pranksters and aircrafts near airports, as well as powdered alcohol, candy-flavored e-cigarettes, Four Loko and booze-filled slushy drinks called Phrosties sold on Instagram.

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