A paroled sex offender accused of killing a 17-year-old girl when he pushed her off a Bronx roof in 1989 is now being indicted on murder and manslaughter charges, the Bronx District Attorney’s office announced.

Scott Parilla, 46, of Brooklyn, was 19 when prosecutors said he pushed Noelis Bayanilla off of the five-story building after the two got into an argument.

Bayanilla died two days later from her injuries at Jacobi Hospital.

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A statement from the office says several witnesses confirmed that Parrilla was the last person Bayanilla was seen with, but that no charges were brought forward due to insufficient evidence.

Investigators said the Bronx Homicide Squad reopened the case after a friend of Bayanilla’s called to inquire about the status of the investigation. Fingernail scrapings from the victim were later determined to match Bayanilla’s DNA, which was on file from a 1993 rape/attempted murder case.

“Noelis Bayanilla’s future was brutally taken away from her, Bronx District Attorney Darcel D. Clark said. “For 27 years, she has not been forgotten by her friends or family, or the justice system. Now her alleged killer will finally face his past, thanks to DNA evidence. ”

Parilla was remanded and is due back in court on July 26.

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