Officer AndrewDossiwas still in a wheelchair when he came out of Mt. Sinai Hospital tTwitter/46th Precinct

The second cop shot by alleged robbers in the Bronx was released from the hospital Friday.

Officer Andrew Dossi was still in a wheelchair when he came out of Mt. Sinai Hospital to rows of uniformed officers ready to celebrate his release.

Dossi, 30, his wife and their 8-year-old daughter after were met with applause and cheers. His right arm remains in a sling, but Dossi managed to give a thumbs up to the crowd before he left for his home.

The 8-year veteran of the force was shot in his arm and lower back on Jan. 5 when investigators said 24-year-old Jason Polanco shot Dossi and his partner Officer Aliro Pellerano.


Polanco and suspected cohort Jason Kemp, 28, are suspected of robbing a deli before trying to hide out in a Chinese restaurant.

Dossi, Pellerano and three other plain clothes cops from the 46thprecinct tracked the men down before Polanco reportedly fired three times at the officers, striking the two cops and Kemp.

Pellerano, 38, was released from St. Barnabas Hospital on Jan. 7 after being shot in his chest and arm.

Police said Kemp was found at a nearby hospital with a gunshot wound to his bicep, which detectives said came from Polanco.

Polanco faces various charges including attempted murder and weapons possession. Kemp was only charged with the robbery

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