TWA Terminal at JFKkbrinker, flickr

Riddle for you: What event would make a voyeur, a masochist and an aesthete equally happy? After your minds have a happy little swim in the gutter, the answer is Open House New York, which opens the doors of the city to the public and the people who designed, built and preserved them tell their stories.

The open house, taking place Oct. 17 and 18, includes everything from homes to industrial buildings, public projects and private businesses. Talks, performances and other special events round out the weekend.

Here’s a short list of reasons not to Netflix and chill next weekend:

Most of the sites are open access all weekend, but many require a reservation for space or security reasons. Spaces for those tours can be reserved on Wednesday beginning at 11 a.m., and expect them to fill up “faster than a One Direction concert.”

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