Sheldon Silver


Former Assembly speaker Sheldon Silver will now be sentenced on the same day as former State Senate majority leader Dean Skelos, both men convicted of corruption charges last year in separate trials.

On Monday, Judge Kimba M. Wood rescheduled Skelos’ sentencing for April 13, which had been previously established as Silver’s sentencing date, the New York Times reported.

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The two men were convicted of similar corruption charges in 2015, and though they both worked in state-level politics, they came from different backgrounds as Silver was a Manhattan Democrat and Skelos was a Long Island Republican, the Times added.


Skelos’ son, convicted alongside his father, will also be sentenced on April 13, Newsday reported.

A federal court spokesman was quoted by the Times, saying, “There is no master calendar. Each judge is responsible for their own scheduling,” and a government official underscored that point by saying that the schedules were coincidental.

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Given the volume of legal motions expected to be filed before the sentencing date, both dates could be moved again, according to the New York Times.

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