St. Mark's Bookshop, an East Village staple and monument to an older and cheaper New York City, is reportedly closing it’s doors and holding a cash-only sale of all its merchandise.
Things have not been easy for the bookshop, which was forced from its former location then evicted from its new spot.
“They ran into too many bad things happening all at once and they could not get out from under it," attorney James West, who represents the shop, "It started with the move and this new economic environment.I don’t think they ever got the momentum going in the new space.”
Racked pointed out a myriad of the bookstore's financial woes.
“In addition to the $62,000 owed in back rent, the shop must now also deal with a $34,400 tax lien and a dispute with one of its biggest book distributors that resulted in a frozen bank account,” Racked reported.
The store’s cash-only sale is reportedly of last ditch effort.
There is no word on an offiical closing date.
Shop at the New York City icon while you still can: 136 E 3rd St, New York, NY 10009
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